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01 Bronchial System & Immune System

Bronchial System and Immune System

Here you find products made of herbs, minerals and vitamins for typical problems of the respiratory system as well as for support of the immune system of your horse. These products can be used as regular supplement as well as for treatment of acute problems.

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02 Joints and Tendons

SanoVet offers you special formulas of Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals, designed to support and promote the optimal function of joints and tendons during traing, hard work and racing. Also used as support of therapy in cases of arthrosis and inflammation.

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03 Digestion and Liver

Feed supplements made of herbs and vitamins, specially developed for horses with digestive problems such as colics or diarrhea. Also you will find here products for protection and regeneration of the liver after or during medication.

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04 Hoof, Skin & Coat

Hoof horse

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs for strong hoofs, a shiny coat and healthy skin. SanoVet products supply the necessary balance of nutrients in case of any deficiencies in the feed or any problems in the metabolism.

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05 High Performance & Regeneration

Keep your horse in top shape with Mineral Supplements, Vitamine, Herbs und Amino Acids. Especially designed for racing horses during training or racing season. Select from special products for higher stamina, better blood picture and immune system and faster regeneration.

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06 Muscular System & Muscle Buildup

Muscular System and & Muscle Buildup

These products made of Amino Acids, Vitamins and Hers are specially designed for muscle building and strengthening of lean muscle mass and also for a faster regeneration of high performance horses. Suitable for racing horses as well as show jumping horses.

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