Product information "Sano Skin Repair"

Complementary feed for horses

Content: Blend of herbs and plants, vitamins, and hydrolyzed yeast
Packaging: Plastic can/bucket with tamper-evident seal
Net Weight: 1 kg can and 3 kg bucket
1 kg is sufficient for approx. 20 days, 3 kg are sufficient for approx. 60 days.

General description:
For horses that are prone to skin problems, as a cure or long-term use.
Sano Skin Repair contains valuable herbs such as the local superfood sea buckthorn, nucleotides, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are essential for the skin.

  • to support skin and fur
  • with valuable nucleotides for healthy cell renewal
  • proven combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and trace elements


  • Herbal and plant parts mixture : sea buckthorn, thyme, grapevine blossoms, peppermint, alant, wormwood and sorrel
  • hydrolyzed yeast (nucleotides)
  • Whey powder
  • Dextrose



Crude protein


Crude fiber


Crude ash


Crude oils and fats




Nutritional additives per kg:

Nutritional Additive


Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, 3a700)

24,250 mg

Biotin (3a880)

900,000 μg

Zinc (Glycine-Zinc Chelate Hydrate, 3b607)

3,600 mg

Copper (Copper (II) Sulfate Pentahydrate, 3b405)

1,500 mg

DL-Methionine (3c301)

30,000 mg

L-Lysine (3c322)

4,200 mg

 Feeding recommendation:

Horse (500kg): 50g / day
Foals, yearlings, ponies: 25g / day
The dosage can be halved if given continuously.
Please note the national doping regulations!
1kg is sufficient for 20-40 days or 40-80 days if given continuously

Information on nucleotides:
Nucleotides are the basic chemical building block of all cells in the horse's body. They help to regulate all life processes in the cells in a natural way. In addition, they support the physiological regeneration of cells, especially for the production of functions in the organism after particularly intense physical stress. Tissues with increased energy requirements such as the intestines, liver, immune system, muscles, nervous system and brain always need sufficient nucleotides. Nucleotides with high bioavailability support healthy cell renewal in the horse's body. An increased need for nucleotides arises especially during illness, convalescence, muscle building, growth, coat change and stressful situations.

Zinc helps to regenerate hair, skin and horn cells. Zinc promotes the formation of keratin, which makes up the coat and horn.
Furthermore, zinc contributes to the healthy regeneration of all mucous membranes, including the lungs, intestines, uterus, etc., and helps to build up the immune system.
Zinc also contributes to better wound healing and can also provide relief from sweet itch, as well as relieving itching.

Signs of zinc deficiency can include:

  •  Skin and hair problems
  • Dull coat
  • Tail rubbing
  • Summer eczema
  • Itching
  • Hoof growth disorders
  • Thrush
  • Weakened immune system
  • Scratches/Mud fever

Biotin accelerates natural hoof growth. It is a water-soluble vitamin and can therefore not be stored in the body for as long as fat-soluble vitamins. That is why a continuous supply of biotin is so important.

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31 August 2021 10:37


Aufgrund von Stress litt die Stute an starkem Haarausfall am ganzen Körper. Täglich guter Umgang, stressfreie Arbeit und Sano Skin Repair führten zu einem Top-Ergebnis :)

21 December 2023 11:25

Die Beste Langzeittherapie !

Unser Wallach litt vor einem Jahr an einem matten Fellkleid und sehr kurzer, dünner Mähne. Mit Hilfe von Sano Skin Repair über einen Zeitraum von 7 Monaten erholte sich das Fellkleid als auch die Mähne dermaßen gut, sodass keine Spuren an Mängeln mehr zu sehen waren. Die Mähne wuchs und wurde voller. Das Fellkleid glänzt und dicht bewachsen. Die Haut schön weich und keine spröden Stellen zu finden. Die Dosierung reduzierte ich aufgrund der täglichen Dosis auf ein drittel der empfohlenen Angaben. ~ 15 - 20 g/Tag. Die geringe Dosis reichte vollkommen aus. Daher ist das Produkt perfekt ! Vielen Dank an SanoVet für die vielen Produkte welche unserem Pferd so gut tun !

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