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SanoVet stands for carefully produced, natural feed supplements to support the health and performance of our horses. We are an internationally active family business based in Austria, operating in the field of supplementary feed for over two decades. For us, the quality and effectiveness of our products, as well as the well-being of the horses, are of utmost importance. Whether it's a racehorse, show horse, leisure horse, or senior horse – the high-quality supplementary feed from SanoVet has been appreciated by professionals worldwide for years.

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Top-Products and Offers

Biotin Plus
  • to support healthy hoof growth
  • contains important nutrients for hooves, skin and fur
  • high-dose biotin of the highest quality

ANIMALITH is designed to optimize feed and can support the immune system and digestion. It is free of grains and sugars.

E 60.000
  • Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant
  • to support muscle tension and hardening
  • with the essential amino acid lysine
Horse Vital Plus
  • to support the immune system
  • with valuable nucleotides
  • finely ground herb mixture in pharmacopoeia quality
Iron Tonic
  • high iron content
  • can promote the formation of red blood cells
  • the ingredients are dissolved and easily absorbable
Liver Vital
  • to support healthy liver function
  • with herbs in pharmacopoeia quality
  • ideal for support during the change of coat or after medication
Racing Syrup
  • to support performance and vitality
  • for optimal performance and rapid regeneration
  • also for brood mares, stallions and convalescent horses

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The expert for optimal support of your horse

SanoVet specializes in optimizing your horse's nutrition through well-balanced and carefully chosen feed supplements. Our supplementary feed is produced in Austria according to scientific knowledge, adhering to the highest quality standards. We collaborate closely with veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners to ensure individual and suitable nutritional supplements for your horse. As a family business active for over 20 years, it is particularly important for us to personally advise you on any questions regarding our feed supplements. Additionally, we keep you informed through our blog, providing exciting articles on topics such as horse nutrition, equine health, performance enhancement, and overall horse well-being.

Your online shop for the ideal supplementary nutrition

Welcome to the SanoVet Online Shop! Unlike a traditional horse feed store, at SanoVet, you'll find specialized supplements focusing on the health and performance of your horse. This includes mineral feed, electrolytes, herbal products for the respiratory and immune systems, high-quality biotin for healthy and strong hooves, supplements for efficient and supple muscles, and feed additives for healthy joints. We have the perfect product for you and your horse in every application area!

With us, you can securely and conveniently order feed supplements online to complement your basic feed. Our shop, based in Austria, offers you the opportunity to purchase a tailored supplement for your existing horse feed conveniently online. For purchases over €29, you have the option to have the SanoVet special feed delivered to you free of shipping charges and quickly. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Free feed consultation for the right nutrition of your horses

Personal and individual consultation is of utmost importance to us! Horse feeding, or equine nutrition, is a highly complex topic. Through the right nutrition, one can specifically prevent diseases, enhance the vitality of horses, ensure the health and well-being of your horse, and also address specific issues while increasing performance. That's why you'll find a dedicated section in our shop for the personalized feed consultation for your horse.

SanoVet supports your horse with natural ingredients

In this shop, everything revolves around your horse's health and performance enhancement through natural ingredients. With the right supplementary feed, you support your horse in a natural and healthy way. Our feed supplements can, for example, compensate for feeding-related deficiencies and support your horse during special exertion. When used strategically, muscle development can be promoted to strengthen your horse. With the right additional feed, your horse can have more energy, increased vitality, an uncomplicated coat change, and good muscle development. Our clear navigation provides a quick overview for all application areas. Additionally, you'll find personalized horse feed consultation here.

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