Product information "Horse Vital (sample pack)"

Complementary feed for horses

Content: Powdered herbs - vitamin mixture
Packaging: Stand-up pouch
Net weight: 200 grams 

Sufficient for approximately 7 days.

General description: For situations such as stress, coat shedding, and physical exertion. HORSE VITAL PLUS combines the benefits of herbal and vitamin mixtures. Due to its finely processed form, the powder is easily absorbed. The herbal blend is tailored to common issues related to the respiratory and digestive systems. While the plant-based ingredients promote overall immune health, the vitamin mixture supports metabolism and the immune system. The whey powder, acting as a carrier substance, contains minerals that can have positive effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

  • To support the immune system
  • With valuable nucleotides
  • Finely ground herbal blend in pharmaceutical grade


  • Whey powder
  • Herbal and plant powder blend (sea buckthorn, buckthorn, thyme, grapevine blossoms, peppermint, elecampane, wormwood)
  • Hydrolyzed yeast (nucleotides)



Crude Protein


Crude Fiber


Crude Ash


Crude Fat and Oil


Nutritional Additives


Vitamin A (3a672a)

10,000 I.U.

Vitamin D3 (3a671)

5,000 I.U.

Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, 3a700)


Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid, 3a300)


Vitamin B1 (3a821)


Vitamin B2 (3a826)


Vitamin B6 (3a831)


Vitamin B12


Vitamin K3 (3a710)


 Feeding recommendation:
Horse (500 kg): 40g/day Foals, yearlings, ponies: 20g/day Please comply with national doping regulations! 1 kg is sufficient for 25-50 days

Information about Sea Buckthorn:
The local "superfood" sea buckthorn shines primarily due to its high content of vitamin C (~2500mg/100g), surpassing even rose hips. Sea buckthorn also contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B9, and B12, as well as the precursor to vitamin A, beta-carotene. Additionally, sea buckthorn has a higher beta-carotene content than carrots.

Information about Buckthorn:
Buckthorn berries are rich in vitamin C.

Information about Thyme:
Thyme is one of the most important herbs for respiratory problems. It has a relaxing and soothing effect on the bronchial muscles and acts as an expectorant. Thyme also strengthens the immune system, and its antispasmodic properties can have positive effects on gastrointestinal complaints.

Information about Peppermint:
Peppermint has a spasmolytic effect on the smooth muscles of the digestive system and can relieve bloating. Additionally, peppermint has antimicrobial and fermentation-inhibiting properties.

Information about Wormwood:
Wormwood has various effects, including appetite stimulation, stomach strengthening, decongestant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties.

Information about Nucleotides:
Nucleotides are the chemical building blocks of all cells in the horse's body. They help regulate all cellular processes naturally. Furthermore, they provide support for physiological cell regeneration, especially for the functions in the body after periods of intense physical exertion. Tissues with increased energy demands, such as the intestines, liver, immune system, muscles, nervous system, and brain, always require sufficient nucleotides. Nucleotides with high bioavailability support healthy cell renewal in the horse's body. Increased nucleotide requirements occur primarily during illness, recovery, muscle building, growth, coat shedding, and stressful situations.

Filter: Allergien, Altersschwäche, Appetitlosigkeit, Atemwege, Ausdauer, Bronchitis, Husten, Kotwasser, Mauke, Stoffwechsel, Verdauung, Wachstum, Weideergänzung, Wunden/Scheuerstellen, Zucht

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5 August 2020 10:18

Super Produkt

Mein Haflinger Starello ist ein leicht gestresstes Pferd und hat vor allem im Fellwechsel immer ein schwaches Immunsystem und bekommt daher leicht Bronchitis. Das Kotwasser ist deutlich weniger und Starello kommt mir auch ausgeglichener vor. Ich kann Horse Vital Plus wirklich allen jenen empfehlen, die ihrem Pferd was Gutes tun wollen! Liebe Grüße, Nadja und Starello

24 August 2020 10:53

Blähbauch weg

Schon nach wenigen Tagen ist Finn sein Blähbauch verschwunden, er konnte leichter äppeln und war im ganzen irgendwie frischer :)

24 September 2020 08:58

Unschlagbares Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

Unsere 17-jährige Stute ist immer sehr bewegungsfaul und hat eigentlich kaum Lebensenergie. Noch dazu kommt, dass sie seit dem Sommer gelegentlich aber völlig grundlos (also ohne tierärztlichen Befund) hustet. Sie ist trächtig, daher wollten wir ihr nicht pro forma Schleimlöser und Entzündungshemmer geben. Bereits nach der ersten Woche ist uns aufgefallen, dass der lästige Husten komplett weg war. Nach zwei Wochen ist sie plötzlich ganz unerwartet mit der Herde herumgaloppiert, buckelnd und voller Lebensfreude. So kennen wir unsere Stute überhaupt nicht. Auch der Husten kam bis dato nicht mehr. Wir sind von dem unschlagbaren Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis mehr als nur begeistert.

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