Maxi Combo

Maxi Combo

With the purchase of 10kg of Power Tonic and 10kg of E 60,000, you can save 15%.
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  Supplementary feed for horses Our Maxi Combo is especially suitable for competition... more
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 Supplementary feed for horses

Our Maxi Combo is especially suitable for competition and sales stables or for owners with multiple horses. Get the largest quantity at the smallest price.

 POWER TONIC is a must-have for every horse owner whose horse sweats heavily during training, so that sweat losses can be replenished effectively. Unlike many other electrolyte products on the market, POWER TONIC contains minerals, vitamins, and trace elements! Furthermore, this powdered product is water-soluble and can be administered to the horse in liquid form with drinking water.

 E 60,000

 Our international bestseller in the muscle category! Vitamin E is extremely important for muscle metabolism and can help prevent muscle tension and stiffness after intense training. Faster recovery, in turn, supports muscle building. With lysine and selenium.

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Cough Combo Cough Combo

Save 15% with the BRONCHICALMA and HORSE VITAL PLUS combo package!

€67.83 * €79.80 *
  • for nervousness and tension
  • in a practical treat form
  • ideal for on the go
From €31.90 *
Animalith Sample Pack Animalith Sample Pack

ANIMALITH is highly suitable for supporting growth, improving feed utilization, and enhancing the immune system and digestion. Its unique crystalline structure has the ability to bind toxic metabolic waste products, which is particularly important for sport horses and during the recovery phase.

€9.90 *
E 60.000 (sample pack) E 60.000 (sample pack)
  • Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant
  • to support muscle tension and hardening
  • with the essential amino acid lysine
€9.90 *
Horse Vital (Sample pack) Horse Vital (Sample pack)

to support the immune system

with valuable nucleotides

finely ground herbal blend in pharmaceutical grade

€9.90 *
Racing Syrup Racing Syrup
  • to support performance and vitality
  • for optimal performance and rapid regeneration
  • also for brood mares, stallions and convalescent horses
From €19.90 *
Iron Tonic Iron Tonic
  • high iron content
  • can promote the formation of red blood cells
  • the ingredients are dissolved and easily absorbable
From €39.90 *