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Gastrozym Gastrozym
Supplement for horses Content : Powder mixture Packaging: Plastic container with tamper-evident seal Net weight: 1 kg and 3 kg 1 kg is sufficient for approximately 30 days General description : GASTROZYM is used for the nutritional...
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Liver Vital Liver Vital
Complementary feed for horses Contents: Herbal powder mixture with vitamins Net weight: 500 g and 1 kg 500 g is sufficient for approximately 14 days We recommend a dosage for 14 days. General description: At LEBER VITAL, SanoVet...
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Horse Vital Plus Horse Vital Plus
Complementary feed for horses Contents: Powdered herbs and vitamins Container: Plastic jar with tamper-evident closure, 3 kg and 10 kg plastic buckets Net weight: 1kg, 3kg, 10kg 1kg is sufficient for approx. 30 days General description:...
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Bronchicalma Bronchicalma
Complementary feed for horses Content: Finely ground herbal mixture Packaging: box with 5 x 40g sachets Net volume per package: 200 g (5 x 40g) 5 sachets are sufficient for 5 days General description: The proven herbal mixture...
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Horse Vital (Sample pack) Horse Vital (Sample pack)
Supplement Feed for Horses Content : Powdered herbs - vitamin mixture Packaging : Stand-up pouch Net weight: 200 grams Sufficient for approximately 7 days General description : For situations such as stress, coat shedding, and physical...
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E Xtreme 100 (sample pack) E Xtreme 100 (sample pack)
Complementary feed for horses Contents: Vitamin E, grape seed powder and hydrolyzed yeast Container: stand-up pouch Net weight: 240g 1kg is sufficient for approx. 25-50 days General description: Ideal for horses that have a higher need...
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